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About FuturSoft Oy

FuturSoft is a leading software company specializing in information technology of the automotive branch. Our most important focus groups are car workshops, spare part dealers and machinery dealers.

Our turnover 2016 was 4,0 meur and we employ 20 people.

Our solutions are comprehensive. Services include installation services, instruction, consultation and support.

AutoFutur is a versatile software family, designed for the companies of the automotive branch. It is developed by FuturSoft Oy. The product family contains different versions to cover a wide range of different needs. The software contains all common features needed in the operations management, such as POS operations, order processing, invoicing, inventory management, accounting, reporting etc.

All functions are designed from the automotive companies' perspective. The database typically includes hundreds of thousands of articles and a wide range of product groups and pricing policies.

Short history of FuturSoft

FuturSoft Oy was established in 1998. The objective was to offer the most advanced software solutions for the companies in the automotive sector, using Windows environment. The ideology of the company is still the same. The foundation of FuturSoft Oy was an automotive software company Oy Kassava Ab.

Later the company has been expanded with acquisitions and this way we have combined all the best features of top programs used in the field, and the result is AutoFutur.

FuturSoft is a strong supplier of both the spare part and repair workshop software. The market share is about 80% of the companies using electronic orders from main spare part dealers in Finland (Source: largest spare part suppliers in Finland). FuturSoft's software has brought speed and easiness to our customers.